“Brooke Bonder is a terrifically unstoppable professional, whose positive attitude and passionate work ethic has resulted in The Event Nut…Brooke not only runs every aspect of The Event Nut, but she is also the face of the show, hosting each and every episode with a grace and ease that immediately engages the viewer. Brooke is the real deal. Any company that is lucky enough to have The Event Nut cover their event will experience Brooke’s persistence, excellence, and passion first-hand…and will be thankful for the opportunity to work with such an outstanding talent.”
-Brian Herzlinger, Director
“My Date With Drew”, “Baby on Board”,
On-Air Host, “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”
“Brooke is a wonderful and skillful actress and host whose effervescent charm drips into each role she plays and interview she conducts. A true professional on and off set, she meets every challenge with an amazing work ethic and attitude. I would hire Brooke again in a heartbeat without hesitation.”
-Jason Martinez, Executive Producer “Rad Girls”
“Brooke is an absolute pleasure with which to work. Her acting ability is excellent and far exceeds the standard I’ve become accustomed to in Los Angeles and New York. Ms. Bonder is also a fantastic host with her humor and quick-thinking. She’s the perfect interviewer. The Event Nut is such a refreshing new show! I never miss an episode.”
-Tom Logan, Director
“Shakma”, “Dream Trap”
“Escape From Cuba”
“Brooke Bonder is one of the most talented actresses I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. She is professional and creative, both taking direction well and bringing her own dynamic personality to the character when necessary. In our award-winning feature film “Victim’s Song”, we rewrote the part of a reporter for a female just so it could be played by Brooke. I would cast Brooke anytime for future projects, without question.”
-Russ Lichterman, Producer
Super-Nerve Entertainment
“Hard-working, confident, conscientious, fun, and daring, Brooke always gives her utmost in rehearsals and continues developing her work throughout the process of performance…Brooke demonstrated great comedic timing and illuminated aspects of the character which even it’s author had not previously realized. ”
-David Snider, Director
The Shakespeare Theatre
“Brooke has the emotional availability to play tragedy; she is not afraid to take risks and takes direction well. She has great instincts as a comedian whether the material is contemporary or classical. Capable of identifying with a wide range of characters, Brooke is able to portray the girl next door or Catherine the Great with commitment and truth.”
-Donna Snow, Director
Temple University
“Brooke is eminently stage and camera-worthy: talented, energized, intelligent, open, audacious, creative, flexible and passionate about her work. She has a strong point of view in her performance, which support an interpretive ability for both the dramatic and comic. I was especially impressed with the consistent high quality of all her work as well as her work ethic, which was second to none.”
-Kevin Cotter, Director
Temple University