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"I highly consider a vendor or venue that The Event Nut recommends because if they're recommending it, I know that it's quality."

Garry Tomason
Owner, A Diamond Affair

The Event Nut serves as the premier promotions resource in the events and hospitality industry by connecting venues and vendors directly to event planners, increasing sales for these brands and organizations.

We link the supplier with their bulk buyer in a variety of ways. Our specialty is customized video, highlighting client's products, services and events spaces in unique and innovative methods. As the economy takes a turn for the better, we firmly believe that specialized video is crucial to a company's marketing strategy. With our entertainment background, the viewer is engaged while being educated, resulting in a successful formula every time.

With the rise in social networking, and advancements in technology and video streaming, your company's digital presence has been affected. It is now not only a possibility, but a necessity to include these mediums in your marketing. It's an exciting time to be in the workplace and we look forward to the opportunity to help your business thrive.

"As the former Director of Sales and Catering for a Beverly Hills restaurant, if I were marketing a hotel or venue in any way, I would tell the owner that this is exactly what we need to promote our space. There is no better way to show what a property can offer than through a video by The Event Nut. I could talk with a potential client for three hours and still wouldn't be able to get across what their videos can."

Marty McGowan
ISES LA Past President
"Thank you for the wonderful video. The Event Nut did an awesome job with the quality and overall outcome. We appreciate the hard work you put into making this video happen for us!"

Scarlet Garcia
Bar210 at The Beverly Hilton
"Talented, innovative, and on-time! That is how I describe Brooke Bonder of The Event Nut. She created a delightful video for MPISCC that was fun, informative, and entertaining. I look forward to working with The Event Nut again soon."

Nick Joseph
President, The Imagination Company

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